Cholish retires after UFC on FX 8 loss, blasts UFC fighter pay

Sunday, May 19, 2013

 At only 29 years old, John Cholish was considered a decent prospect in the UFC’s crowded lightweight division. Cholish entered the UFC in 2011 riding a 7-fight win streak in the local circuit, however is now 1-2 inside the Octagon. Cholish has now made the decision to step back as a professional fighter, as he told MMAJunkie:

After the loss, Cholish told ( that continuing to fight didn’t make sense for him financially.

“I’m fortunate enough that I have a job that provides for me really well,” Cholish said. “I give a lot of these guys credit that fight at this level. I think they could be compensated much better based on the income that the UFC takes in. Fortunately, I can just walk away and I’m OK with it. By no means do I mean it disrespectfully toward any other fighters because I think they do a great job. But hopefully Zuffa and the UFC will start paying them a little better.”

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