Chonan denies report that Ishii suffered brain damage in Fedor fight

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yesterday it was reported that Satoshi Ishii suffered potentially career ending swelling of the brain in his New Years eve fight with Fedor Emelianenko.

There were other rumors floating that the fight was a work.

Now the website is reporting that DEEP middleweight champ Ryo Chonan says Ishii is fine, and rumors are should die, along with the people that made them.

On twitter, (Chonan) posted that “Satoshi Ishii is just fine;” further, “the people who spread these false rumors about other people’s lives and livlihoods should just die,” he also tweeted.

This is not in itself a complete debunking of the rumor. However, being that it comes from someone close to Ishii, it clearly may be regarded with an air of credibility. In response to these posts, some relieved fan messages were as follows: “Good news, I’m glad Ishii is not really retiring”; “We have good news for now”; etc.

Hopefully Ishii suffered no long last effects from the fight with Fedor. And hopefuly the fight with Fedor is actually a fight.