Chris Brennan chastizes GSP haters

Sunday, December 12, 2010


From: WestsideStrangler
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 This is really starting to get retarded with all the shit talk on GSP.  The guy is undoubtedly the best in the business.  The guy fights the best fighters in the world and COMPLETELY dominates them.  Ya he didn’t knock Kos out.  You think he didn’t try?  You think if one of those combos or head kicks actually knocked him out you wouldn’t be swinging from his nut sack right now saying he’s the best ever?  Or would you be saying it was lucky and Kos should have won.

GSP beats you at what you think you are good at or what you think your game plan is going to be.  He shuts guys down and he has beat EVERYONE he ever faced.

To troll him or talk shit on him is complete shit and HATE for no reason at all.  You hate him cuz he’s nice?  You hate him cuz he’s great?  You hate him cuz he beat your favorite fighter at some point?  And HAHA you hate him because he’s not like Dan or Wand who stand in front of you and fight till someone falls?  I am a fan of both of them but GSP is smarter than that and has wins over EVERYONE to prove it.  If he fought like that and lost he wouldn’t be one of the pound for pound best would he?

The guy is a tactition and is amazing to watch what he brings new to the table every time and NO ONE, not even the haters is harder on him than himself.  The guy is very unhappy that he didn’t knock him out and states it but look at the face of KOS and tell me GSP didn’t try and finish him.  It’s laughable to try and bash him for being anything other than the best there is or has been.  I am a huge Hughes fan, but GSP has brought this sport to another level and done it against even better guys.

So one more time to all you fucks that talk shit on him, go find something or someone else to talk shit on that you can actually make an argument for or even pick up his jock.

Someone regulate this shit.

C Fucking B

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