Chris Camozzi: Warriors are made to battle not rattle

Monday, May 06, 2013

Warriors Are Made To Battle Not Rattle

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When I agreed to step in for the injured Clarence Byron “C.B.” Dollaway at UFC on FX 8, I had no clue where this opportunity would take me. I originally agreed to fight TUF Brazil winner Cezar “Mutante” Ferreira and when he pulled out due to injury I thought I might be without an opponent. Joe Silva asked if I wanted to stay on and face Natal, without hesitation I said yes. I said I do not care who you have, I just want to prove I belong on the main card.

Opponent wise the changes were not important. Subtle shifts in my game plan but nothing major. I returned to the gym after my last fight with only a week off. I immediately had my manager put word into Joe Silva that I wasn’t done for the spring and if he needed me for any fights before my wedding I was his man.

Fast forward to last week when Joe called to see how serious I was about being ready and willing to fight the best of the best. He asked if I wanted to do him a favor and step up to fight one of the best in the world.

Without hesitation I said “absolutely”.

Everyone but my training partners and coaches think I am insane taking on one of the best on short notice. Yet for me, this is why I joined the sport. I am not some BJJ Blackbelt, Elite Wrestler, or a Karate Master; I am just a kid who fell in love with the sport. I fell in love watching guys like Chuck Liddell rise to the top by saying yes to facing the best and beating them.

I am not making a comparison of myself to Chuck. I just have a tremendous amount of respect for the guys that are always willing to test themselves.

The best part of this fight is the fact that I have nothing to lose. I am fighting a fight that on paper I shouldn’t be able to win, I have been finding a way to win these fights time and time again. I seem to be the guy selected to lose and yet I always find a way. I am a fighter’s fighter, I will never say no. I am the guy that broke his jaw in his TUF debut and lied to ringside doctors about the break. I showed up for sparring practice the next morning and forged ahead. Had the producers not had so many cameras I would have never been found out and I would have completed my TUF season. As it was when other guys are going home because they miss their girlfriends or video games I had to be dragged out the door for medical reasons.

I vowed that day that my dream to fight for the UFC will come true, no matter who or what I have to fight through. Some guys are calling for this fight or that fight and I am the guy calling for ANY FIGHT!

Every fight I wasn’t supposed to have a “chance” in, I went in there and put on some of the best performances of my life. I know I can win this fight and shock the world. I am more than prepared to do that. I am in shape and ready to go. I will always be the guy willing to fight anyone, anywhere, anytime and I think the UFC believes that now as well.

For me, I believe if you are not ready to walk in and fight the best in the world, then you don’t belong in the Octagon. I’m ready to be recognized as one of the top UFC Middleweights in the division. I’m going straight up the middle, no side stepping. I’m paid to fight and the UFC decides who and when.

I fight for the fans as a fan. If you want support me in my rise to the top join me on this website and on Twitter. You can follow me I follow my fans and I am always willing to answer questions and interact with you. If you have any topics that you want me to blog about please hit me up. Thank you for the support.

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Thanks to my amazing sponsors, training partners, fans and management team.

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