Ciesnolevicz calls out Pat Militech’s ‘old-ass’

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

KALIN: You of course have trained quite a bit under the legendary Pat Miletich.  What all has he done for you not just in the world of MMA, but outside of it as well?

MIKE: Not too much really. I would actually like to call Pat Miletich’s old ass out to fight me in MMA. I will come down to 185 for this fight even.  What do you say Miletich?

KALIN: The UFC has always brought past fighters back after they have went out and showed they can put together good winning streaks.  After your latest submission win, do you feel a potential win over Rolles or another big name would be enough to get you back to the big show?

MIKE: I don’t know man. I don’t know anymore. Maybe I will retire from fighting soon. I have spent 7 years living the dream of fighting professionally and years before that trying to get there and what do I have to show for it? People at the grocery store or mall will recognize me once in a while, but it’s few and far between. They think I’m awesome because i fought in the UFC, but i have nothing to show for it, just memories of IFL, UFC, etc.  Fighting is a tough sport; there is no real stability. One day you have a bunch of money, the next day you have none. You live fight to fight.  There are only a handful of guys who make the amount of money needed to be able to live the rest of their life with no worries. At some point i have to ask myself if it’s still worth it.

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