Cleatus appears at UFC on FOX 10

Monday, January 27, 2014

The UFC has seen the debut of countless stars, from Royce Gracie at UFC 1 right up to Ronda Rousey just last year.

Saturday at UFC on FOX 10 saw another apearance of Cleatus the Robot:

The general response was, well, perhaps another toy can say it best.

Cleatus has appeared at the UFC on FOX before, but the response was not quite as visceral previously.

“Cleatus the Robot” is the official mascot of Fox NFL Sunday, named by a viewer during a contest in 2007t. Cleatus mainly appears during a show’s intro sequence, and is used in brief commercials, where Cleatus gets attacked by a CGI character from whatever the advertisement is about.

If a Thanksgiving NFL game is on Fox, he is usually replaced with a robot turkey.

The has been crossover of the concept from from the NFL to other sports before.

NASCAR on Fox created Digger, an animated gopher mascot. Unlike Cleatus, however, Digger was not well received by fans, and was a victim of an internet and Twitter outcry for his removal from the broadcast. While in 2009 he was featured heavily, he only made cameo appearances in 2010 before being phased out completely in 2011.

What was your impression of Cleatus, really cool or kinda annoying? The hardcore fanbase on the UG generally felt that a sport that is as real as it gets does not need a gigantic Rockem Sockem robot.