Coach: Holm vs. Cyborg possible on PPV

Friday, April 04, 2014

Holly Holm's management recently met with the UFC, but they could not come to terms. Winklejon reported that the offer to Hplm was 15/15. The UFC has likewise been unable to successfully negotiate with Cris 'Cyborg' Justino.

So Holm's trainer for the past 16 years, Mike Winkeljohn floated the idea of Holm fighting Justino on PPV.

 Ariel Helwani has the story for MMAFighting.

“We have no problem with fighting for the money they've offered us for the first couple of fights in the UFC,” said Winklejohn. “We just want good money to fight Ronda or whoever has the title at that point.”

Winkeljohn said he expects Holm's manager to engage in talks with the UFC after Friday night's fight with “a different spin.”

“I think they don't want to hurt the other girls' feelings and let the world know that money has been negotiated in such a way,” Winkeljohn said. “I don't blame them. They are who they are because they make all the right decisions. There are other things we can ask for. She's got such good marketability, I think she would be a good broadcaster. Hey, can you help us get to FOX to be a broadcaster? Can you help us do these things?

“There are other things we can do to make money. There are other sources for her other than a dumb little paycheck. So we might have to look at it that way.”

A source close to Cyborg's camp, for whatever it's worth, denied any talks of a pay-per-view fight against Holm.

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Holm fights Juliana Werner for the Legacy FC bantamweight Friday night.