Coach: Pettis could be the next Anderson Silva

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

At only twenty six years old, Duke Roufus protege Anthony Pettis is already considered one of the best MMA fighters in the world. The flashy and effective strikers already owns some of the best knockouts and highlight reel striking in the UFC.  According to his coach, in an interview with MMAMania, Pettis might soon be considered amongst the elite:

Brian Hemminger ( Who do you think has the best Muay Thai that’s applicable to MMA today?

Duke Roufus: Oh for sure it’s Anderson Silva. I have huge respect for Anderson Silva. He’s the best all around striker in mixed martial arts. For sure he’s got a good fluid style and he uses the Thai clinch well. This is going to sound arrogant but I think in a few short years, you’re going to see Anthony Pettis looking like Anderson Silva.

Anthony is a huge student. He really digs into my mind. He wants to know my old heroes I studied. He wants to know the new school fighters. I just watched a kickboxing event in Cambodia and there’s a 12 hour difference in Thailand and I watch the fights. That’s how much of a combat sports nerd I am. I watch Glory this past weekend, Lion Fights, everything. With the internet I can watch this stuff right away compared to before when I had to trade tapes with my buddies around the world. I can stay on top of all the information and media.

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