Coach: Velasquez will win every second of every round

Saturday, May 25, 2013

AKA Coach Javier Mendez appeared recently on Radio, and predicted how the UFC 160 main event between Cain Velasquez and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva will play out.

The first thing Mendez addressed is critics who say Bigfoot is not a legimate contender, due to the 1st round RSC he suffered vs. Velasquez just a year ago.

“100% why they would be wrong is because if they are thinking that, they didn’t really watch the first fight,” said Melendez. “They didn’t watch the first fight. If you guys can recall, which I’m sure you know, he got cut over his eye. And that blood was all over the poor guy’s eye. He couldn’t see. He could not see.”

“Beside the fact that he was out of it mentally or physically, that fight was stopped because there was too much blood going into his eye. So for us to think that we’re going to do the same thing again and cut him open in the same spot, that’s ridiculous. That aint gonna happen. And you can’t underestimate someone that has taken out Travis Browne and then who’s taken out Alistair Overeem. I mean, that’s no easy feat that he did. So Bigfoot is as legit as they come and Cain isn’t gonna be fooled by the first time. No way. I always train Cain to go five hard rounds and I don’t even care if it stops early, great, whatever, we’ll take it. But he’s prepared to five grueling, hard rounds. He’s not prepared for anything less than that.”

“What I see is what I train Cain to do. Five grueling rounds where Bigfoot is gonna get beat for every minute of every round for five rounds until he’s beat. He’s gonna get beat, every round. Every minute of every round, every second. He’s gonna get beat. That’s what’s gonna happen. You know, and that’s the mentality that Cain has, that’s the mentality that I have, that’s the mentality that Daniel Cormier has, Leandro Viera and Bob Cook. We all have that same mentality and as long as we’re all together, we speak to Cain on the same respect, as far as what we want, and he’ll go and execute it.”

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