Coenen: I expected Cyborg to be on PEDs

Saturday, July 13, 2013

After the first time Marloes Coenen fought Cris Justino, formerly Cris Santos, she expected Justino would come into the fight on some form of performance enhancing drug. Sure enough two years ‘Cyborg’ later tested positive for anabolic steroids, something Coenen expected:

“When I was fighting her, I expected her to be on something,” Coenen told “I know how I look and how hard I train and I know how she looks. But it’s up to the media and the fans to judge her. I’m not going to do that.” 

No one can be certain whether Justino (11-1) benefited from any illegal substance leading to her third-round TKO win against Coenen — except for Justino herself. 

What we do know, for certain, is the former Strikeforce champion tested positive for stanozolol metabolites following a 16-second knockout over Hiroko Yamanaka on Dec. 17, 2011, in San Diego. 

Justino claimed innocence, pointing to a diet pill given to her by a teammate as the source of the positive test. Despite her stance that she ingested the steroid unknowingly, the California commission suspended Justino for one year. 

As Coenen (21-5) prepares to meet Justino for a second time in the main event of this weekend’s Invicta FC 6 event in Kansas City, isn’t she angry with her? Based on the belief Justino was cheating the first time they fought? 

“Of course it makes you mad,” Coenen said. “The thing is, if you lose, you shouldn’t come up with excuses. It doesn’t matter how good your excuse is. You can’t say, ‘Oh I lost, but she’s on steroids.’ Well then don’t step in the cage, you know? 

“If someone makes a mistake, you should give them a second chance — and that’s what I’m giving her right now.” 

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