Cole Escovedo defends himself in court, no lawyer

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cole Escovedo Attorney

From: Gabby’s grandma
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Cole pursued his medical malpractice suit against the doctors that failed to treat his MRSA infection. With no legal training, he fought in pro per against a senior partner in the biggest law firm in the area.

Cole managed to deadlock a jury for 3 days. Please encourage him to use his court room talent by going to law school.

From: KenP, Sports Agent
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Why didnt he get an attorney?  Where was his agent?

From: The Triangle
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hey guys just saw this

#1 i lost after a 3 day deliberation mind you that rarely happens it was a simple case of being unable to convience a jury of standard of care against the doc even tho i proved he was lying under oath go figure lol

#2 had a lawyer some time ago and a week b4 trial started he had his license suspended cant say why here. then a had one that the nite b4 trial decided they couldnt handle the case and felt doing it myself might be better…. what??

#3 this was a personal suit unrelated to an mma injury so KenP my lawyer had no knowledge of it and it would have been retarded to bring my mma manager into a NON-mma law suit.

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