Cole Miller calls out Conor McGregor

Sunday, October 27, 2013

“This is my 15th fight in the UFC,” said Cole Miller after his win over Andy Ogle Saturday night. “I’m over here looking at this guy – I know a show pony when I see one. And that’s what Colin, Conor, whatever his name is… I know that’s what he is.

“I see this guy walking around, looking all GQ, flying to this place, flying to that place, and then he’s calling out my teammates, talking crap about Nick Lentz, talking about Dustin Poirrier. It’s like, those dude will run through you. You didn’t finish a 21 year old kid with eight MMA fights, an you’re talking about being a top-10 contender??!?

“You haven’t even tested yourself against no kind of fighter, especially someone like me.”

A perspicacious reporter then followed up. “So is that a fight you’d possibly, em, take?”

“Yeah,” replied Miller.

McGregor responded, via Twitter.

@TheNotoriousMMA Conor McGregor
Welcome aboard @colemillerATT. Im now sponsoring his 16th Facebook fight. My logo will be on his chin. His payment is this tweet #GivingBack