Complete results from ADCC Day 2

Sunday, September 25, 2011

ADCC 2011 Absolute Division Final Results: Andre Galvao Finishes Popovitch Early And Caps Off An Amazing Run

Andre Galvao vs. Pablo Popovitch- A rematch of an earlier fight from this weekend and this time it’s for the absolute division championship.  Andre Galvao goes in early for a takedown but it’s shrugged off.  Popovitch slapping Galvao’s head quite a few times and Galvao picks up a high single and goes for a trip, the trip misses but the single hits.

Popovitch on his back against Galvao in half guard.  Pablo is able to roll Andre up into deep half guard now and Galvao stands up and places the knee across Popovitch’s throat.  Galvao steps over Popovitch and dives for a toe hold and holy crap it hits and Pablo taps immediately.

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ADCC 2011 Superfight Results: Renzo Gracie Loses A Slip And Slide Match With Mario Sperry

Renzo Gracie vs. Mario Sperry- Initial collar tie from Mario thrown off by Renzo.  Sperry really seeming like the much stronger fighter here and eventually drags Renzo down to turtle guard with a head snatch.  Sperry rotates around to the side of Renzo and tries to put a hook in and roll but fails.  Renzo rolls into open guard and Sperry keeping an aggressive forward hip pressure on Renzo.  Renzo working half butterfly it looks like and trying to keep Sperry at a good distance.  Renzo using his feet well and enters into half guard when Sperry dives.  Renzo back to open guard with his knees inside, Renzo back to a partial butterfly and the match gets restarted in the center of the mat.  Renzo keeping a knee shield up to avoid the unrelenting pressure of Sperry.  We’re now in the point zone so both fighters need to really work to create a passing or sweeping situation.

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ADCC 2011 Men’s Under 77kg Finals: Marcelo Garcia vs. Leo Viera

Viera pulls guard and Marcelo starts laterally passing the half guard using his shins to pin Leo’s bottom leg.  Leo locking up Marcelo’s far arm to try and stop the pass and work a sweep but Marcelo keeping very level and rotating his hips correctly to try and finish the pass and get out of the half guard.

Marcelo gets a swift pass and immediate mount, Marcelo has Viera’s arm stuck in and Marcelo gets the triangle from the mount and rolls it over and there it goes and he finishes with the triangle on the bottom.

Marcelo is a phenom as he made swift work of almost all of his opponents with some beautiful submissions and passing work this weekend.  Very impressive work from crowd favorite Marcelo Garcia.

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ADCC 2011 Under 78kg Semifinal Results: Marcelo Garcia, Kron Gracie, Calasans, Leo Viera

Marcelo Garcia vs. Kron Gracie- Kron pulling guard and working closed guard on Marcelo, working the guard up high but Marcelo posturing perfectly and trying to crack the open guard now.  Marcelo breaks the guard and steps back, open guard now and Marcelo engages and IMMEDIATE pass to side control, very slick, passed like a lightning bolt but Kron is able to snake half guard in.  Marcelo working the half guard pass now with his hips flattening the bottom leg.  Marcelo pushing the bottom knee with his outside foot trying to work the pass but Kron is holding on.  Kron back to full guard and working an aggressive high guard game but Marcelo doesn’t seem to be in any danger.  Marcelo almost passes and they both both end up standing, Marcelo single legs Kron and is in Kron’s guard and Kron is working on a guillotine , it looks very very tight but Marcelo still alive, this is a serious guillotine and it looks bad for Marcelo.  Marcelo pops his head out finally, Marcelo out of the closed guard and stands, Kron hunting from the open guard but time is called and Marcelo Garcia takes the win on points.  Kron did an awesome job here and looked close to avenging his guillotine loss but Marcelo just seems unstoppable again this year.

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ADCC 2011 Under 60kg Women’s Semifinal Results: Alzuguir, Nicolini, Takayo, Kyra Gracie

Hashi Takayo vs. Kyra Gracie-  Kyra pulls guard after a short period of hand fighting.  Kyra working for a triangle too and maintaining a very high active guard.  Takayo staying squared up with Kyra in the guard while Kyra starts working towards an omoplata attack but abandons it swiftly.  Kyra working towards a punch through triangle from high guard but Takayo postures forward to stop the attempt.  Kyra locks up a triangle now and working for the finish, omoplata attempt now and Kyra uses it to sweep Takayo for points.  Kyra locking in a high elbow guillotine and gets the finish on Takayo, great technique there by fan favorite Kyra.

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The 2011 ADCC Submission Grappling World Championship has completed it’s first day of action. Today, Sunday, September 25th will feature the completion of all the brackets, as well as feature an absolute bracket. The day will also feature the second super fight of the tournament between grappling legends Renzo Gracie and Mario Sperry.


Sunday:  Competition start at 12pm  (7:00 AM ET)


Men’s Under 66 kg

Men’s Under 77 kg

Men’s Under 88 kg

Men’s Under 99 kg

Men’s Over 99 kg

Women’s Under 60 kg

Women’s Over 60 kg

Super Fights

Braulio Estima defeated Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ de Souza via points, 3-0

Mario Sperry defeated Renzo Gracie via points

Please use this thread to discuss  the tournament as it progresses on day 1 and check back often, as we hope to be able to update progress and news as we can.