Condit: GSP’s ‘gusto’ could be a big mistake

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

“Yeah I do [expect St. Pierre to be more aggressive],” Condit told MMA Mania. “I think that’s because of a lot of the criticism that he’s got lately, you know he’s going to try and make a statement. He’s going to try and come back with some gusto and, you know, I think that’s going to be a mistake though.”

While Condit will be unable to get a true gauge on St. Pierre’s level of aggression until the fight actually begins, one thing “The Natural Born Killer” isn’t trying to gauge is the surgically reconstructed knee of GSP.

Despite suffering an injury that would end the career of a lesser athlete, Condit is not focusing on St. Pierre’s health, expecting the injury to play no role in the outcome of the fight.

“I don’t think [the injury is] going to take away from Georges’ abilities,” Condit explained. “I think that he was still staying sharp and from all reports from his camp he’s 100 percent … I’m expecting Georges St-Pierre at his best.”

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