Condit: I wish I fought GSP like I did Hendricks

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SD: You seemed to let your hands go much earlier in your fight with Hendricks than you did with St. Pierre. Do you think if you had fought as aggressively then as you did this time, you might have beaten Georges?

CC: I fought the fight against Hendricks that I wish I had fought against GSP, honestly, with the stand-ups and the striking and everything. You know what? With Georges, you’ve got to get in there and do what you have to do to win. I don’t care how you win. That’s from a fighter’s perspective. You’ve got to get in there and win the fight.

Yeah, I put on an exciting show in my last one, but I didn’t get the number one contender’s spot. I don’t get a title fight. I don’t get the things that come along with that, the bigger paydays and that sort of thing. Exciting or not exciting, you’ve got to win fights. I like to put on a show and do it in exciting fashion, but I can’t knock Georges for his style at all.

SD: You say that you like to put on exciting fights, and lots of other athletes have voiced the same sentiment, but is there really a conscious effort or part of your gameplan to do that, or does it come down to whether a person’s instincts tell them to go for broke or to play it safe?

CC: I think for me, personally, it’s just part of my makeup. I think a big part of the reason why my fights tend to be so exciting is because I’m not the most … well, you know a lot of the guys I fight are honestly better than I am. I just want it more. I have heart, and I have a chin and I love to fight. I think that formula, or combination of things just makes for exciting fights.

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