Condit: MacDonald’s call out ‘a little odd’

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The public challenge on network TV excited Condit, he said, since MacDonald is a fighter with “a lot of hype behind him” right now. At the same time, something about it seemed weird.

“I think the whole thing was pretty, I don’t know, the tone of it made it seem like I had wronged him,” Condit said. “Like I did something wrong. I was just doing what the hell I’m supposed to do.”

Clearly, MacDonald has spent some time thinking about that night in Vancouver. That’s when Condit put him on his back in the final round of a fight MacDonald seemed to be in control of, and then rained down a desperate series of elbows and punches until the referee stopped it with just seven seconds left. That loss to Condit stands as the only defeat on MacDonald’s record so far, and it came in a fashion that “humiliated” him, MacDonald said later.

And yeah, Condit said, he can understand that, all things considered.

“I think it’s probably the way that he lost. He was undefeated at that point. He was the man, the next big thing. I think he thinks it’s his destiny to be the champion, and I went in there and smashed that dream. So I can see it. But it’s a little bit odd, I think.”

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