Condit: This is kind of a ‘do or die’ fight

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Carlos Condit is set to headline the UFC on Fox Sports 1 (2) event in Indianapolis verus Martin Kampmann. The bout is an important one for both as the winner will stay relevant in the welterweight title picture and the loser will have some serious work in front of them, something Condit knows all too well:

“I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to avenge that loss. It was a really close fight. I had some opportunities in that fight to end it and I didn’t. That night Martin was a better man and he won the fight. What’s exciting about this matchup is he’s improved so much as a fighter since then as have I. We are both hungry.

“This is kind of a ‘do or die’ fight for both of us. I’m coming off two losses in a row. He’s coming off a loss. This is a crazy sport and a crazy business. You never know when you are going to get that pink slip. We are both highly motivated to go in there and get the win.

“He’s a hungry guy and a hard worker. I have a lot of respect for him—and I know everybody says that—but Martin Kampmann is a guy I genuinely respect. I really do. He’s worked his ass off to come to the states and follow his dream. He’s trying to achieve his goals and so am I. That makes for a dangerous combination and an exciting formula to make a great fight for the fans.”

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