Condit accepts rematch with Diaz

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

At UFC 143 on Saturday, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit fought five rounds for the UFC Interim Welterweight title, with Condit winning the unanimous decision. The outcome was controversial, with Diaz, along with many fans, fighters, and media members feeling that his constant forward pressure was enough to win a clear decision.

At the post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White said he was open to the possibility of a rematch, but made it clear that both parties had to be eager to fight. As Diaz was so maddened by the decision that he announced his retirement immediately post-bout in the Octagon, and because yesterday Condit’s camp indicated they were not interested, there was little hope that the rematch would be made.

However, sources close to the deal just confirmed with The Underground that Carlos Condit has accepted a rematch with Nick Diaz, with the UFC Interim Welterweight title again on the line.

Condit said ‘Yes, I accept the rematch’ and will be in Las Vegas on Friday to finalize the deal.

The winner will presumably face GSP for the Unified Welterweight title, when the Canadian recovers fully from knee surgery, which is expected to be around November.

It’s unclear at this time as to when the rematch will take place, but it looks like the fans have got what they asked for.

*Update: UFC President has since confirmed this story via his Twitter: @justScrap85 @carloscondit @malkikawa the rumor is true. Carlos did accept the fight today and Carlos is coming on Friday not thur.