Controversial spike at SFC 24 on AXS TV

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lightweights Kevin ‘Master of Cool’ Forant and Eric ‘It’s a Wrap’ Reynolds fought Friday night at XFC 24, broadcast on AXS TV.

Reynolds ended it with a guillotine broking Forant’s undefeated record, and earning a title shot.

However, before that, Reynolds executed a controversial spike.

Under the Unified Rules, a spike is legal if the fighter being driven down has control of his own body, and could avoid the spike by letting go. In the classic example, if someone has an armbar from guard and is lifted off the ground and driven down onto their head, they could avoid the spike by letting go of the armbar; thus, in this circumstance, it is not an illegal spike. If however there is for example a souplesse and thus the fighter being thrown has no control of his body, then it is illegal.

The circumstances in Reynolds vs. Forant remains a debate, but the referee allowed the match to continue. For his part, UGer Forant feels it was illegal:

From: Master of Cool
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Once I was elevated I had no choice, I was kind of stuck there.

And Yes I think it was illegal and should have been called. I dont think it gets any more intentional. Spiking an opponent on the head was definitely covered in the fighters meeting pre-fight.

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