Controversial stoppage in Roller vs. Grant

Sunday, October 02, 2011

The UFC on Versus 6 undercard featured an excellent fight between Shane Roller and T.J. Grant, with a controversial ending.

In the third round Grant hit Roller with a big right hand, only to be taken down by Roller. Undeterred, Grant locked in a guillotine, and when Roller pulled his head out, transitioned to an armbar. 

The referee, Fernando Yamasaki, brother of Mario, stepped in and stopped the fight at 2:12.

However, Roller never tapped. Neither did Roller’s arm extend all the way.

Roller did however grunt.

Roller complained. Commentator Joe Rogan complained.

The referee stood by his decision however, later saying that under the rules interpretation in DC, yelling out in pain could constitute a verbal submission.

Grant later said to a Canadian newspaper “He didn’t tap out or verbally tap, but he did yell out in pain, so the referee stopped the fight. It was very close for me to just breaking his arm, so that was that. I’ve had a million armbars on and it was a mat­ter of time before that thing broke.”