Cordeiro: Werdum could KO or submit Velasquez

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fabricio Werdum will square off with Cain Velasquez this fall for the UFC heavyweight title. Werdum began his career as primarily a jiu-jitsu fighter but now has a rounded skill set and his coach believes he could submit or knockout Cain Velasquez:

“It’s going to be so cool,” Cordeiro told “Fabricio has been training for this moment for years. Ever since he moved to the United States seven years ago, he developed a great stand-up game. He has a huge history in jiu-jitsu, and his muay thai is as good as his jiu-jitsu today.”

“Werdum has what it takes to submit or knock Cain Vealsquez out,” he added. “I don’t agree when people say Werdum shocked the world against Fedor. There’s no such thing in MMA. It’s a fight and both fighters are ready. I won’t be shocked when Werdum defeats Velasquez. I already expect that.”

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