Cormier: Fight with Jones is inevitable

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cormier and Jones have been linked to each other recently in the press, specifically after Jones shot down rumors of him coaching opposite the former Olympian, due to his “relatively unknown” status.

Apparently, the two fighters came into contact with each other recently. According to Cormier, “Bones” let him know that a fight between the two of them has been on his mind:

“At the Chael Sonnen fight, he walked up and got to his seat, and he asked me, ‘Hey, are you going to 205?’ I said, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna have to fight.’ He goes, ‘Good, cuz I’m ready for you.’ So, obviously, this is a fight that he actually thinks about. But, I guess it just doesn’t work for him, right now.”

Though he currently resides at 265 pounds, the relative newcomer to sport of MMA believes that he will eventually make the move down to light heavyweight, and when he does, he sees a fight versus Jones as a foregone conclusion:

“I do. I think eventually, it’s bound to happen. Obviously, this guy mentions me and talks about how I don’t have enough followers on Twitter to coach The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) with him. So, you guys, get on Twitter and follow ‘DC.’ But, yeah, I think it’ll happen eventually. It’s a fight that people want to say, and I think it’ll definitely happen.

Realistically, it would take some time. I think, six months. Because I would have to adjust my lifestyle. I’d be dieting and continuing my training. I would have to be real focused and real serious to do it.”

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