Cormier: Jones is ‘petty’, we will fight someday

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Daniel Cormier will soon fight his last bout at heavyweight and then drop to the light heavyweight division where he hopes to get an immediate title shot versus Jon Jones. Whether that happens or not, Cormier expects to fight Jones eventually and will be happy to beat him up:

“I think it’s part of the game,” Cormier said when asked if he thinks Jones was serious about what he said, as opposed to trying to build up a fight. “I never came out and said I’m the most ripped guy in MMA. I’m not. I haven’t cut weight in years. I haven’t tried to cut weight in years. I haven’t tried to diet in years. I clean up a little in training camp, but I’ve never tried to be the most ripped guy, so that kind of stuff doesn’t bother me. I just don’t like him saying I don’t want to work hard. He hasn’t spent a day in the gym with me. He doesn’t know my schedule. I know I’m training. It takes a big statement to say that about someone who has accomplished what I’ve accomplished. You don’t just come out of Louisiana, where there is no wrestling, to become a two-time Olympian in wrestling.”

“It’s almost shocking that someone in his position could be so petty,” said Cormier. “It was almost like, wow, we’re adults.

“Three points I want to make here. First, Twitter followers. He made mention of that two times in that statement. I don’t understand what that plays into an actual fight. It makes no sense in a fight. Two, how would you like to be Jon Jones’ friend? He says Frank Mir is his friend. He said I was terrible in the fight, and I beat his friend. What are you saying about your friend? Third, it’s petty. Answer the question and get through with it. He never completely answered the question. Do you want to fight me or do you not want to fight me?”

Jones also has a fight coming up, on Sept. 21 in Toronto, defending his light heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson.

“The truth is we’re going to fight at some point,” Cormier said about Jones. “We have fights to get through first. Then all those things are going to have to be answered. Jon Jones can say he doesn’t know if I’m in the top of my division, but that’s a lie. That’s a bold-faced lie. It’s an obvious lie because he knows how many Twitter followers I have. It’s contradictory.

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