Cormier: My road to 10-0 tougher than Jones’

Thursday, November 08, 2012

“I said that I would only [fight Jones] IF Cain was UFC heavyweight champion and I was offered the fight; that was the stipulation. I am totally content at staying at heavyweight. My diet is pretty much whatever I want, I don’t need to cut really any weight and I still am fast and able to compete with a lot of people in my weight class, why move from it?

Who I have fought and how I have fought, it says something about me. That shows that I am content fighting wrestlers, bigger guys, jiu-jitsu guys, all the division has to offer, I’m okay with and ready for it. When you look at my record at 10-0 as a professional and look at Jon Jones record when he was 10-0, who was his toughest guy? Stephan Bonnar and he did not finish him.

I have fought higher caliber opponents at this stage in my career than Jon did in his at 9-1; His tenth fight was Matt Hamill.”

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