Cormier: Only JDS could beat Cain

Monday, May 06, 2013

B/R’s Damon Martin interviewed Daniel Cormier, and discussed the state of the heavyweight division.

Although Cormier is adamant that he will not fight current UFC heavyweight champion and AKA teammate Cain Velasquez, he intends to stay at heavy for the moment.

“I always thought if I were to go down, I would need a lot of time to do it,” said Cormier. “I think that still applies, but I would like to still fight. At the end of the day I can’t cut massive amounts of weight.  That’s well-documented from my problems in the Olympic games.  But I can diet, and when I’m dieting I can still fight.  Can I fight at 205? No.  Because it’s too much weight to cut in a short period of time.  But could I fight a heavyweight fight and just be a little lighter? I think so.”

Cormier was also adamant that Velasque is firmly at the top of the food chain.

“They’re not beating Cain,” Cormier said of the heavyweight contenders. “They’re not good enough. I’m telling you right now I think they’re great, I think Junior dos Santos is great.  I think Junior dos Santos has the best chance of beating Cain, but the rest, they’re not beating him.  They’re not good enough.  It’s about as honest as I can be with you—they’re not good enough to beat him.”

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