Cormier will ‘hurt’ Evans, but ‘won’t like it’

Monday, December 09, 2013

In dropping to lightheavyweight, Daniel Cormer wanted an immediate shot at Jon Jones’ title, but the UFC had a different plan. Instead Cormier will face colleague and friend, Rashad Evans in his first bout in his new weight division. Although he doesn’t dislike Evans, and works with him on FOX Sports, he’ll have no problem hurting him in the cage:

“I offered them (UFC) up a whole bunch of different scenarios and this was the fight that was going to happen. I would have preferred to fight someone else, but the UFC are going to make the fights and its our job to fight. I care about him a ton and I think he’s a great guy, but now it’s time to get down to business and were going to get in that cage and I have to try and hurt him. I can’t go into the cage feeling like I don’t want to hurt my buddy because otherwise he is going to hurt me and beat me and that will set me back and keep me from obtaining my goals.”

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