Costumed MMA fighter Phoenix Jones does mutual combat on Seattle street

Thursday, November 15, 2012

To the uninitiated, MMA can look a little weird.

To the uninitiated, the video below looks like weird took peyote – a man in a superhero outfit on the streets of a major American city uses MMA techniques on a drunk, as the police watch on.

The story of what happened follows the video.

Fight starts at 6:40 mark.

Under American law, you do not have to be a law enforcement officer to enforce the law. Although each state can modify the rules of engagement, under US law a private citizen has the right to use reasonable force to prevent a criminal act, or even detain suspected criminals until proper law enforcement personnel can assume custody.

Citizens also have the right to dress up as superheros, should they have a mind to.

An experience MMA fighter named Ben Fodor assumes the costumed character of Phoenix Jones, and leads a Seattle, Washington based citizen patrol group who call themselves the Rain City Superhero Movement.

The group documents their activities with a video camera, calls 911 when they see a crime in progress, and then act legally.

In the video Phoenix Jones having witnessed a drunk attacking a car, steps in to stop it. The drunk explains that not being a police officer there is nothing he can do about it.

As it turns out, that is not the case.

Eventually the police turn up and after the drunk directs racial slurs at the group, they fight.

Under Washington State law, as long as both participants are willing, it is legal to engage in “mutual combat.”

On the way home Phoenix was contacted by the police who said the original victims of the drunk would like to press charges. Phoenix agreed to give them the video of their assault.

Phoenix wants to remind you that while this video is funny, entertaining, and justified, it is most importantly legal: Seattle Municipal Code 12A.06.025.

And a little weird.