Cote’s words of warning for GSP

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Even though he’d heard all the stories about ring rust, it was a phenomenon he didn’t believe in until he experienced it first-hand.

“You always think you’re over that,” he said on Wednesday. “In training you feel great. You feel 100 percent, you’re ready to go. [You think] It happens to everybody else except me. When the bell rings, you receive the first kick with no shin guard, you receive the first punch with four-ounce gloves instead of 16, and that’s the real thing. Now you try to adjust. ‘Next time I’m going to avoid that, move ahead.’ Bang. Next one, next one. After one minute, you receive 10 punches and didn’t land one. But the longer the fight goes, you adjust.”

Cote, who will face Alessio Sakara at Saturday’s UFC 154, said the most dangerous stretch for St-Pierre will come in the opening minutes, when the action moves faster than he’s experienced for well over a year.

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