Couture: I signed NDA, but UFC had opportunity to make a deal

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

“At the end of the day, we have to recognize we are a brand,” Couture said. “We need to control our own destinies as much as we can. I think standing up for yourself and realizing I have a small window of opportunity as an athlete to make significant amount of money, and that has to carry me through the rest of my life.”

Through Spira, the UFC was notified on Dec. 21 that Couture had terminated a one-year contract that called for four appearances during UFC broadcasts on Fox. The agreement included 30-day cancellation rights for both parties for any reason.

As talks between Couture and Spike TV took shape in the fall, Couture, who was party to a non-disclosure agreement, “gave [Zuffa] every opportunity we could to make them understand without disclosing what we couldn’t disclose that things were heating up for me, and if they wanted to keep me it was going to take something significant.

“They passed.”

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