Couture: I think Sonnen & Hendo would fight each other

Thursday, November 29, 2012

“Yeah I think they’d fight,” Couture said of Sonnen and Henderson in a recent interview with Cage Junkies. “They’ve wrestled each other for a spot on the Olympic team, they’re wrestlers at the end of the day and now they’re fighters, they’re professionals, this is what we do.”

When you think of some of some of the best wrestlers in mixed martial arts, three of the main names that come to mind, past or present, are Couture, Sonnen and Henderson. Spending years on the wrestling mat going up against multiple opponents a day, some of which could be acquaintances, has prepared both Sonnen and Henderson for a potential showdown.

Couture doesn’t believe the fight would be about one man inflicting damage on the other, but instead it would be about finding out who is the best competitor and superior mixed martial artist.

“I think they’d be friends before, they’d be friends after but they’d go out there and compete and they know each other pretty well and it’d be an interesting competition,” Couture explained. “I think they’d both put it on the line and fight when it came down to it.”

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