Couture: Strikeforce will get plucked and absorbed

Friday, October 26, 2012

A semi-epically bearded Randy Couture appeared recently on MMA Uncensored, and discussed among other things a matter near to his heart – Strikeforce, where his son Ryan currently fights in the Lightweight division.

Couture was asked about the future of Strikeforce; his answer was not hopeful.

“I know the Showtime relationship with Zuffa has been rocky,” explained Couture. “I know they hoped to renew that relationship and build that relationship, but they weren’t able to pull that off. I think you’re gonna see the Strikeforce guys absorbed and plucked like they did the WEC.

“So, then the question is, is Ryan gonna be one of those guys they want to keep, or is he gonna be one of those guys that gets cut loose? Where are we gonna go with him? The Showtime contract’s up this year, so early next year, I think you’ll see something happen.”