Couture enjoying flying under the radar

Friday, August 30, 2013

When Couture joined MMA Fight Corner on the day of weigh-ins ahead of his fight, he admitted that he doesn’t feel half as much pressure on him as there was when he made his promotional debut.

“I’m kind of excited to be flying a little more under the radar this time and to be fighting early and getting it over with,” Couture admitted. “I think that’ll be a big help in dealing with the nerves this time through. Camp’s been awesome. I feel sharp and I’m ready to go.”

One thing Couture thinks could play to his advantage is the fact that Al hasn’t competed in over a year.

“It may cause him to start a little slower, or it may take him a little longer to find his groove. But it also leaves a little uncertainty as to what tools he may have added and what changes he may have made in that time in the gym. So, I can’t expect him to be the same guy he was a year ago,” said Couture.

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