Couture hunts deer, will he draw criticism?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today former UFC Champion Randy Couture posted a picture of himself and a status update about a recent hunt he went on.

Took a wonderful 10pt Kansas buck with Tom Mcmillian of Mcmillian outfitters in stafford ks ! 120 yd head shot with my ultimate muzzleloader !

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Randy Couture

Hunting has been a very polarizing topic lately, most people are vehemently against the hunting of animals and some see it as a viable pasttime and food source. Few are indifferent. Last week Matt Hughes caused a huge uproar on the Underground when he posted several pictures of big game animals he had taken on an African Safari.

Previously Brock Lesnar had caused animal rights group to protest him after showing pictures of him carrying a full sized deer down a hill in a bag pack.

Couture is almost universally beloved by MMA fans, so we will see if this participation in a hunting adventure with loses him fans or cause any negative publicity for him.