Cowboy Cerrone sticks to his guns, all 44 of them

Sunday, December 30, 2012

UFC Lightweight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone took part in a lively, wide-ranging fan Q&A immediately prior to the UFC 155 weigh-ins; Liz Carmouche also participated.

•What could only be a UGer asked whether Cerrone would prefer to ride his horses, or Arianny Celeste.
•On the  January 26 fight with Anthony Pettis – “I plan on going out there and standing with him. Come on motherf@$%#&.”
•On the bad blood with Pettis – “I started the beef, but the truth hurts.”
•On Gil Melendez possibly jumping over him for a title shot – “The guy has been a champion for a while. If Dana wants to give him a shot (so be it). If they want to give him a fight before that, I’m game.”
•On a solution to the rash of injuries – “What we do every day, we get in the cage and beat the s— out of each other… I don’t know what we can do to train and be the best and not go hard, you know, you really can’t really practice lightly so I have no idea.”
•On a rematch with UFC lightweight Champion Benson Henderson – “I’ll beat him.”
•On the low point of his life – “When I lived in a closet. I had no money, then I fought and won $40,000. To have a bank account and know I can fill up my car and be okay now (is great).”
•On the UFC Dangerous Activities clause – “I want to be a professional wakeboarder. This summer, when I don’t have a fight, I’m going to sit down with Dana. Are you telling me I can’t go ride my horses?”
•On marijuana testing – “I believe the policy should stay. (Nick Diaz) should be able to smoke his weed and whatever, but don’t show up to the fight stoned. Be allowed to do it in states that have legalized it, but not while performing at the UFC.”
•On showing up to a fight, no matter what – Cowboy said he brought along his gear in case Jamie Varner pulled out of his fight with Melvin Guillard.  “I would have thrown up all over Melvin and got it done.”

Perhaps the most controversial, although entirely unexpected response was about any sort of proposed gun laws.

“They aren’t going to take my guns,” said Cerrone. “I have 44 guns and they aren’t going to take my guns. They need to enforce how and who to give guns to. But there are Americans like me who are responsible and they shouldn’t take that away. If they outlaw guns, they won’t take mine.”

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