Crazy union asks Toys’R’Us to pull UFC action figures

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 has for years failed in its attempts to unionize the Station group of hotel-casinos in Las Vegas. Station Casinos is owned by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, who are also majority owners of the UFC.

Although the UFC has nothing to do with culinary workers, and indeed provides a vast amount of union work at arenas across the nation, and the world, it has become a target of the union.

Anti-UFC steps the union has taken include:
•Backed anti-MMA legislation in New York;
•Called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate UFC parent company Zuffa, which the union accused of using monopolistic tactics to thwart competition from other MMA promoters;
•Launched a website complaining that UFC President Dana White swears a lot;
•Launched an online petition calling on FOX to back away from a deal to broadcast UFC events;
•Demand Anheuser-Busch pull its Bud Light sponsorship of the UFC;
•Supported wacky MMA legislation in California;
•Demanded the Marine Corps cut ties with the UFC;
•Demanded that OTM cut ties with the UFC; and
•Asked FOX to remove UFC lightweights Jeremy Stephens and Abel Trujillo from their UFC on FOX 5 fight for having a record.

Where organized labor once lifted millions of exploited workers into the middle class, the Culinary Union is now spending member dues to accuse Dana White of using swear words, and Joe Rogan of calling someone ‘cunty’ on the UG. And the union has no issue what so ever with the UFC.

The logic behind the actions is difficult to fathom. The majority of steps taken thus far are comical. The main exception is supporting anti MMA efforts in New York, which hurts fans and fighters, the economy of New York state, and every employee at Madison Square Garden, a union shop.

There latest move makes less sense than a football bat, although more sense than the request that OTM cut ties – the Culinary Union petitioned Toys”R”Us CEO Gerald Storch to pull all UFC related toys from the company’s stores.

To: Toys “R” Us CEO Gerald Storch

RE: UFC Fighting Championship

Remove UFC Action Dolls from Toys “R” Us Stores

Part of a parent’s job is to attempt to teach our children to value and respect the dignity of every human being. It is also necessary to struggle to keep children safe. We do not need toys that glorify famous athletes or entertainers who choose to promote hatred, intolerance and violence with their words.

Everyday women must struggle against violence, as well. Allowing or glorifying this behavior of bullying, uncontrolled anger, and using hate speech against other human beings IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

There are many examples of this unacceptable behavior. One of the UFC fighters depicted by an “action figure” being sold at Toys “R” Us taunted his opponent by threatening to act like accused child molester, Jerry Sandusky. Making jokes about child molesters or molestation is not acceptable.

Another UFC fighter screamed a homophobic slur at his opponent, made lewd gestures and shouted obscenities at the crowd — the very people who pay his large salary by purchasing tickets — in a bullying manner. This is not acceptable.

By selling UFC Action Figures, and by purchasing them, a message is sent to children and people with anger issues that this behavior IS acceptable. IT IS NOT. I believe in freedom of speech. I believe that parents are responsible for the choices they and their children make. However, by selling these cage fighting toys, Toys “R” Us, and by UFC, allowing their fighters to say these mean, hateful, violent, intolerant things at their fights, they are sending a message to children that it is acceptable to behave this way. I ask that UFC and Toys “R” Us be responsible for NOT promoting this behavior.

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The only reasonable response to this is to buy a UFC action figure at before midnight tonight.