Cro Cop: Stop impersonating me to get sex

Monday, March 19, 2012

FO: You and Pat Barry seem to have developed a really solid friendship…

Oh yeah, I adore him. Pat Barry is one extraordinary guy. He is my true friend. Even though we did not have too much contact until recently… as far as I am concerned, it takes some time to call someone a friend. But Pat Barry has been sleeping at my house, he has a heart that I cant remember seeing for a long time. A clear and pure heart, there is no evil in him at all. Evil doesn’t exist in Pat Barry, he is a good guy, you can trust and rely on him, he is a true friend.

He is a guy I like a lot, I told him that one day if he makes the wedding commitment to someone, I am ready to be his best-man if he wants to call me. Now you understand how much I like the guy. He stayed for two weeks here and slept three or four nights in my house, had lunch and dinner with me, we talked a lot about things. He is one extraordinary guy. Beautiful person.

FO: I have to admit, I am impressed and amazed that Pat Barry managed to get you to open a Facebook profile. I assume this was his doing?

Yeah he opened my Facebook profile of course – because I don’t know how to do it. He put all the photos up, he made some photos on his iPhone and put them up, because I don’t know how to do that either. I have never in my life… its terrible to say but I never had a camera in my hands, never took photo of anything unless with a mobile phone.

But I never had a real camera or an iPhone or something, I have just a regular piece of shit phone. I don’t like touch screens and all this because I drop it five times a day and I will smash it on the first day. So of course he did it because he is high-tech, he knows how to do it all. He opened Facebook profile for me and put the photos and all information, while I sat with him.

FO: I didn’t believe it was you at first, because there are so many fake profiles, have you seen them all?

Yeah I don’t get the point of this, these monkeys. Put my name and my photo, my nickname, and so present yourself? For what? They are talking to the girls online? What is the point of it? At the end of the day if they want to get anything they are going to need to meet the girl in real life.

FO: Maybe they could wear a disguise or something?

It is disgusting. Someone is having sex on my behalf? Disgusting. I am asking all these gentlemen to pleas remove their fake profiles, there is no point. And there are hundreds of them, with my photos and with my name, my nickname… what can I do?

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