Cro Cop saves dog shot by hitman

Friday, May 02, 2014

Our story begins in the Croatian village of Orehovec. In the village lived a man who was both cruel and miserly. He was cruel and wanted to kill his dog, Olly. And he was too cheap to pay the $50 it would cost to euthanize the mutt.

So he hired a hitman to shoot the defenseless dog for $7, and throw him into the Drava river. Then the hitman drove Olly to the river, shot him with a shotgun, and threw him in.

Luckily for Olly, Pawel Brodzky was out fishing with his son, heard the noise, and went to investigate.

“My son saw him,” said Pawel. “The dog was floating like a log in front of us and suddenly the front paw began moving as if it was waving to us.”

He saw the hitman putting his gun into the trunk of a car, and took down the license plate number. And he pulled the dog from the icy water, and took him to a vet.

When Cro Cop heard about what had happened, he contacted the vet, and paid for the dog's several operations.

Olly got a new name, Lucky. And he was lucky – he is expected to make a full recovery within two months, and is already up for adoption.

The hitman and the mean man were arrested, and face up to a year in jail. Animal welfare workers believe the same man also shot several other dogs in the past.

The end.

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And here are pics to prove this is not a cracked fairy tale.

Images courtesy of Facebook