Cruz: I deserve to come back and get that title shot

Saturday, August 10, 2013

UFC bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz has not fought in nearly two years, following a break to tape TUF, and then tearing his ACL, undergoing surgery and rehab and then tearing it again, and undergoing surgery and rehab, again.

Right now ‘The Dominator’ is taking it one week of rehab at a time.

“It’s very important I don’t overstep my boundaries with those eight weeks,” Cruz said on Inside MMA. “I’m only looking eight weeks ahead. I’m not looking seven months ahead. I have to be real with myself. I have to be real with everybody. I can’t come back too soon. I’ve already had double-ACL surgery. This isn’t a game. This is a serious business. This is my livelihood and my life.”

When he does finally step back in the cage, he wants the title on the line, and believes it will be against interim champion Renan Barao.

“That’s who I want right off the bat. If nothing else, I deserve to come back and get that title-shot. I’ve defended the title four times if you count WEC,” said Cruz. “I think I’ve earned the right to be able to come back when I get this knee figured out and fight for the title.”

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