Cruz, Vera cut ties with Lloyd Irvin amidst controversy

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Here’s what Dave wrote (emphasis mine):

–A major story involving MMA and Lloyd Irvin, who until recently was the trainer of Brandon Vera and Dominick Cruz, is at This is a really major deal.

I have been able to confirm through a source close to the situation that Alliance has cut ties with Team Lloyd Irvin. Sources tell me UFC bantamweight Mike Easton will be able to train at Alliance while still training at TLI as he sees fit, it is not clear if others have that kind of structure.

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The departure of Vera, Cruz, and Alliance is part of a major exodus that includes:
•Beta Academy
•Jordan Shultz and a number of sponsored “Medal Chasers” from his fighter’s house.
•Olympian Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
•Danny Ives’ Ivey League MMA