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@danawhite Y was Hunt Signed, he has a losing record and has lost 5 in a row. Big fan of u & UFC but don’t understand signing, plz explain.

@json4859 part of the pride deal we contractually owe him fights from our purchase of the company

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In a 2008 interview, Hunt detailed the situation

MMAWeekly: After the Pride sale it was believed your contract was held by the UFC. Tell us about that period and maybe clear up a little about what exactly was happening there?

Mark Hunt: Well, after the sale of Pride, I thought I was unemployed. Apparently that wasn’t the case. I wanted to get work elsewhere, but I couldn’t because (the UFC) had my contract and said I couldn’t go anywhere while they had it. But they said they were going to put on a show in Japan that I could go on and all that stuff.

I don’t know what happens in the office, but what I was told was that I couldn’t go and do (professional) wrestling because it would be considered as one of my fights. So you know I just had to wait it out. And the thing was that I waited it out for a year and a half and I got nothing for it. At first they denied my contract being with them, but my manager showed them some things that showed my contract followed over to them.

MMAWeekly: So they really pushed the no fight clause?

Mark Hunt: Yeah, well, the worst thing about that no fight clause is that I got no money for the contract. So I sat out waiting for no real reason. And even if I could have got a fight, they have the weight limit and I couldn’t have made that anyway.

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I think it’s a settlement to a lawsuit.