DJ: Booing fans are f@$%king idiots #TRUTH

Sunday, September 06, 2015

There is a contingent of asses in seats at MMA events that probably spent their youth hanging around the emergency room exit, waiting for an ambulance to disgorge injuries of interest. They were in full effect on Saturday night, booing as UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson demonstrated arguably the highest level of skill in mixed martial arts, completely dominating the #1 contender John Dodson.

In a post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, Johnson had a pizza in his hand, and was about to head back to his children and wife Destiny. Helwani asked “did the boos bother you?”

“No … they booed Andre Arlovksi and Frank Mir, and I think they may have booed Anthony Johnson. Fans are … fans. They're just f—ing idiots.”

UFC president Dana White offered a kinder, gentler explanation.

“You have those drunk dummies at the last five rounds, these guys have been here since 5:30 drinking,” said White as transcribed by Tristen Critchfield for Sherdog. “I don’t know what they expect, but he looked unbelievable tonight. Anybody that knows anything about the sport, Dodson was the guy to fight. This was the fight. Dodson has the power, the speed, he had the experience. He’s been in there with him before. Demetrious Johnson dominated him tonight and absolutely destroyed him.”

In a sport nearly over run with trash talk, Johnson remained the soul of class.

“That fight’s behind me; it was a great fight. Me and John Dodson went out there, and we had a good fight. I wanted to try and push him and make him work, and now it’s on to the next one. That’s how I look at all my fights.”

“I just walked up and said, ‘Hey congratulations on being a father; it’s the best thing that’s ever going to happen to you in the world.’ I said even though you talk s— about me I respect you as a man and that was it.”

It is believed that Olympic gold medal wrestler Henry Cejudo is next for the champion.

“There’s always a contender, man,” said White. “We are working on something right now, and when it happens you’ll agree.”

“And I’ll be ready,” added Johnson, accurately, as ever.