Daley: Dana, help me feed my son

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In March of 2010 at UFC 113 Josh Koscheck smothered English striker Paul Daley for three straight rounsd. At the close of the bout, a frustrated ‘Semtex’ lost it:

He was summarily fired for the foul by UFC President Dana White.

18 months later White opened the window a crack for a return.

“The Strikeforce-Showtime deal isn’t done yet,” White said in November of 2011. “We’ll see what happens with that first. I just have a hard time with what Daley did.”

“It’s not like Daley’s been so friendly since that happened, either. Plus, he hasn’t won. The guy’s got to win some fights.

“Any guy who loses in the UFC or other promotions, you lose, and you go get some wins somewhere else and come back.”

“I’m not a fan, to be honest. You know that.”

Daley has won four straight, but, following some legal trouble, Daley has been unconditionally released by Bellator, and once again expressed an interest in a return to the UFC, via Facebook.

Paul ‘semtex’ Daley
•Dana white “Paul Daley does not wanna be in the UFC”? Given the opportunity Dana , I would be right back in there, please just send me that contract.
•Dana questioned about me again, Ariel saying he’s gonna get in touch with me, as we rally for a UFC return. Weather it happens or not, it’s kinda cool, that my recent performances and attitude has caught the attention of the big dogs, despite being on smaller shows.
•Got an interview with Ariel Helwani tomorrow, seems talk of a UFC come back has gathered pace. Very important interview, as good a speaking with Dana himself…..oohh what to say?…Kinda nervous now….UFC Manchester? Diaz re-match, Sorry, I’ve grown up, I make weight…I’ve got a little son now…please help me feed him…

White was underwhelmed at the prospect.

“I thought he hated this place,” said White on Saturday in response to a question about whether he was interested in Daley. “I don’t know, man. I don’t think so.”

“I heard he couldn’t get a visa. And they’re real strict here now on visas. I thought he hated the UFC and said he’d never want to come back here and never wanted to fight here again. What changed?”

What do you think UG? Do you want to see Semtex back in the Octagon? And do you think you will?