Daley responds to Melendez; outlines top choices for next bout

Monday, December 20, 2010

From: Semtex
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I wanna fight next in March despite having some offers for Januarys show.

1st) KJ, But…KJ Dont want it.
2nd) Cyborg is game, would take that fight. Would be an exciting tough fight for the fans.
3rd) Cung Lee at a Catch weight?
4th) Nick Diaz, for a summer title showdown.

These are the ONLY IMMEDIATE (Next 6 months) fights i am interested and will SIGN for STRIKEFORCE.


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Since this reply had been posted, Gilbert Melendez has gone on record stating that he would like a fight with Paul Daley. Daley responded to that bout below:

From: Semtex
Posted: 8 hours ago
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Gilbert Melendez has called me out. Says he’ll fight at 170lbs.

I’m down, but i know i will get negative feedback from the MMA Media for fighting a Lightweight…again, despite having KO/TKO’d 2 middleweights in my past 3 fights (Acacio and Smith)

So still we have a problem, what i want is another fight in between fighting Diaz, a fight that makes sense and qualifies me, for fighting for the Strikeforce WW title.

Now in your opinion which fight “Qualifies” me more for fighting Diaz.

NOONS- Beat current ww champ (recently lost by decision to champ)

CYBORG- Biggest name in SF WW Division on winning last few fights at WW.

MELENDEZ- Current SF LW Champ

CUNG LE-Catchweight- Biggest media name/draw at SF, Lost to Scott Smith.