Dan Hardy: I definitely plan on getting back in there

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dan Hardy recently took a role as a commentator on for the UFC on some international events after being sidelined by a heart condition. Of course the role is a welcome one for Hardy, but fighting is definitely still on his mind. Hardy recently spoke to the Underground Jonathan Shrager about his desire to return and how his new role keeps him in the game.

Jonathan Shrager: The obvious question is to ask about your as a mixed martial artist. Do you still harbor ambitions of getting back in the cage I imagine?

Dan Hardy: I definitely plan on getting back in there. It’s just the process of getting cleared and being able to now. It’s kind of frustrating, but not be honest, this commentating job came at the right time it’s given me a new challenge to focus on. And I’m able to stay very close to the sport, and still learn from the sport, from the fighters, and just be a fan. I can still evolve as a martial artist in this role. That’s the best part about it. As the sports evolving, I can be there to witness it firsthand, and take that into the gym and keep evolving myself. Then when the time comes for me to return, I won’t be out of touch.

Watch the entire interview to see how Hardy is enjoying his new position as UFC commentator.