Dan Henderson: I won that fight, but not officially

Monday, February 25, 2013

Many argue coherently and intelligently that Dan Henderson is the best fighter in the history of MMA. To clinch that imaginary title, Hendo would have to add the UFC lightheavy weight belts to his Pride and Strikeforce titles.

Hendo was scheduled to fight Jon Jones last year, but an injury forced him out. Had he beaten Lyoto Machida Saturday night he would again have been rewarded with a title shot against the winner of Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen at UFC 159.

If Cecil Peoples had his way, Hendo would have won, but the other two judges ruled it for Machida, and thus a title shot is now some wins away.

“Normally that’s not my type of fight, a little bit boring,” Henderson said at the UFC 157 post-fight press conference. “He did a good job moving around and was real hard to hit. I needed to stay in his face and cut him off a little bit better and make him fight. He did a good job not fighting.”

“I won the fight, but not officially. I hit him whenever he wanted to fight. He ran away most of the time.”

FightMetrics showed that Henderson did indeed outstrike Machida for quantity, but 54-28. However, All but one of Machida’s strikes landed significantly, something less than half of Henderson’s did.

And so Lyoto Machida get the next title shot.

What do you think UG? Did Hendo win?