Dan Henderson: I’ve got the impression Jon Jones isn’t ‘genuine’

Monday, April 23, 2012

“I’m sure you can answer that question, too. Why do you suppose that is?”, the former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion rhetorically asked Ariel Helwani today on The MMA Hour.

When pressed further for his take, Henderson offered a theory. “I think it all has to do with being genuine and the fans sense that: when you are and when you’re not. I’m pretty much who I am all the time and I don’t know if they get that impression from him.”

That may be what the fans are thinking, but what about Henderson himself? Does he get the impression Jones is genuine in his personal interactions with others? “Not really,” Henderson confessed. “I think he was a little bit better after his fight with Rashad than he had been in the past, but I haven’t got that impression from him, no.”

Henderson isn’t suggesting Jones is entirely putting on a public act. The top light heavyweight contender isn’t exactly accusing Jones of being an actor. But if Henderson detects anything, it’s that the polarizing effect the light heavyweight champion has on fans is as consequence of Jones having something manufactured about what he shows the public. “His whole attitude sometimes. It’s not completely not genuine,” Henderson clarified. “But I think that’s what the fans are turned off by.”

“I don’t know him personally, so I can’t really say if it’s genuine or not. It’s just the impression that I think fans get.”

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