Dana White: Don’t come in looking like a gorilla in a scarf

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The UFC has seen fighters compete with a less-than-ideal appearance.

Kimo Leopoldo showed up on a cross.

Ricco Rodrigues accepted 100k to wear a henna tattoo advertising an online gambling site, sucessfully bet the money on himself at 5-1, and in so doing in his own words “almost brought down the UFC.”

Dennis Hallman showed up to work in a cup too large and a banana hammock too small, and almost got himself fired.

No one expected anything unusual from clean cut, athletic Dave Herman, when he showed for UFC on FUEL 1.

However, Herman avoided a lot of shaving, and showed up at media duties with a dark beard, and a pink scarf he says he knit himself.


His Pavarotti: The Early Years look was skin deep – he stopped shaving his body, and instead died everything black. Ring card girl’s faces tell the story.

UFC President Dana White was not impressed.

“I like Dave Herman,” said White, adding, “the stuff that he pulled this week? I can’t stand that stuff.

“Listen, if you want to get noticed … get noticed for your fighting skills. Not for coming in like a gorilla or wearing pink scarfs. And coming in to “Macho Man?” As I was sitting there, I’m thinking ‘did I seriously let him come into this song?'”

White said he has nothing against the Village People or the song, but he was serious about the not serious appearance.

It probably did not help that opponent Struve stopped Herman in the second.