Dana White: Frank Shamrock is a very nutball

Saturday, November 20, 2010

1. One day Frank Shamrock decided that Dana White is one of the main reasons MMA is not legal in New York.

2. Then Dana White explained that ‘Frank Shamrock is an irrelevant, two faced, phony, liar

3. Then Frank Shamrock bristled: “Dana White, I refuse to be bullied by you, and further, I respect a man who truthfully stands up and fights for his family with honor. Anytime you want to become a real man and not a bully, you let me know. I would happy to oblige you with personal introduction to Shamrock MMA.”

Frank reached out to the school children of America, or at least those school children initmately familiar with MMA drama, and disclosed that he was bullied, for telling the truth:

4. Dana White responded gently on twitter: