Dana White NFL skit source of controversy

Monday, December 03, 2012

UFC President Dana White made a cameo appearance over the weekend on a FOX pre game show skit, in which comedian Rob Riggle offers picks, using information gleaned from a wide variety of “inside” sources.

White, living in a box in front of Riggle’s bank, reveals that “Cam Newton is pregnant. Ha ha ha ha.”

There was general laughter on the show, and it was pointed out that the homeless guy was Dana White, and that there was a card on Saturday.

Seemed all in all like some decent publicity.

The piece might well have appropriately passed into instant obscurity, but the UFC posted it on their Twitter feed.

Several fans saw the image and took it as an attack on the homeless.

Not funny for those who actually live out of a box. Should apologize

White, perhaps for the very first time, stopped holding back his thoughts on a subject, and actually spoke his mind. He even used curse words, which have been edited. Via Twitter…

the pussies in this country who cry about everything everyone does makes me f—— ill.

White continued in that vein for a bit, and eventually the back and forth died out, as it should.