Dana White defends ACs, rips Victor Conte

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Controversial disgraced former steroid distributor turned anti-doping crusader turned nutritional supplement purveyor Victor Conte has repeatedly called for PED testing in Mixed Martial Arts to be handed over from the government regulating commissions to independent agency such as the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency.

While acknowledging that the current system in far from perfect, UFC President Dana White argued that the current system is preferable to the collectively-bargained testing utilized in major professional team sports.

White was particularly vehement in his denunciation of Conte.

“Do you think if they were really testing all the guys in baseball, do you really think there would be a f— baseball game every day of the week?” White asked. “There wouldn’t be, man. They would be pulling guys up from the minors every day. It would be crazy. There will always be a thing in sports where, someone’s trying to get an edge on the other guy. You know? As an owner or a commissioner or whatever you want to call it, you do the very best you can do.

“PEDs have been around since people have started making money in sports. And, I don’t know what the real answer is to crack down on this whole thing. All I know is we are regulated by the government, they come in and they test our guys, that’s a fact. However you think, if you think football and baseball are really knocking it out of the park, pun intended, you’re crazy.”

“F— Victor Conte. That guy’s a lying two-faced piece of s—. I can’t stand that guy. You’re the biggest cheater in the history of the f— sports world, and now because you can’t make a living cheating anymore, you want to flip to the other side and start calling people out and pointing fingers? I can’t believe people even listen to this guy.

“We’re regulated by the f—— government, White said. “Some of these places we go, some of these states we go to, they test the entire card. Some places are random, some places the main event and a few other fights that are random. It’s better than everyone else’s.”

“Is what’s being done enough? If you look at how we’re regulated by the government, I’ve said this before, I do not think the penalties should be the same for smoking marijuana as it is for taking performance enhancing drugs, yet it is, it’s exactly the same. If you get busted, look at Diaz. Look how long Nick Diaz is out right now, right? For marijuana. Same as the guy who’s taking steroids. It’s crazy. So the whole system is messed up.

“So I can guarantee you this. Forget about PEDs. If we get into this random testing you guys are talking about, you know how many guys would probably test positive for marijuana? It would probably be off the charts. So if you randomly tested and this came out, they give the same exact suspension as it is for PEDs.”

“If you look at our business and the way our business is run, we’ve got 475 fighters under contract. If you look at the s— that we do every day, we go, go, go, go, go, and there’s so much s— to do you can’t even stay on top of all that. Now, not only do we test our guys for PEDs, we test them for illegal drugs, too. Marijuana, cocaine, any other drugs that’s out there, this guy gets tested. And there’s no penalties out there like our penalties. Our guys have to, or you lose the ability to make a living for a f—— year.”

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